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[Guide] Full Support Yu Ling

Post by Enei on Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:32 pm

Yu Lings of this build maximizes their potential as primary (and only) support within a party. Sacrificing their damage capabilities in order to heal, buff, and resurrect other players.

For a Full Support Yu Ling, survival is everything.

Stat Allocation:

Stat allocations that most Yu Lings do are:

3 Int - 2 Con
--> Cons importance is next to Int as Yu Lings need to survive in order to support longer.

4 Int - 1 Con
--> For those who want more healing outputs without leaving their hp very far behind.
*Note that Heals spells have bonuses depending on the MAtk of the caster (usually a % of his/her MAtk)

Points are put into Str only for equipment requirements (Meaning you'll have minimal points on Str^^)

Skill Build:

FS Yu Lings have to prioritize the following skill trees in their respective order:

Support Skills > Buff Skills > Offensive Skills

Support Skills

Prayer of Clarity
- Leave this skill at lvl1, only a prerequisite for the next skill (I'll explain later why^^)

Prayer of Calm
- This skill can work pretty amazing at high levels. Upon lvl10, this skills HoT (Heal over Time) has a base heal of around 700 plus 30% heal base on the casters MAtk for 15 seconds. The great thing about this spell is that it's spammable (casting and cooldown time are both 1 second) and it stacks! ^^

- The spammable instant heal in the support tree. It instantly restores a targets Hp for a base heal of 350 with an additional 20% heal base on the casters MAtk (at lvl10). With a casting time of only 1.5 seconds, no wonder it's regarded as one of the most used skills for a Yu Ling.

Prayer of Life
- The Yu Lings resurrection spell (and the only one ingame^^). It restores a specific % of Hp, Mp, and Experience loss upon dying, which increases per lvl. Max this one out and you'll be loved by players all over the map. ^^

- Removes all negative status from the target. Requires 20 vigor to cast. Useful against mobs which inflicts poison and bleeding status. Initial cooldown is 12 seconds and decreases per lvl (lvl10 cooldown is 3 seconds). You don't have to max this one early on, you may opt to leave it at a level you're comfortable with (preferably around lvl7 or lvl8^^).

Morning Glory
- It restores Hp of all allies (partymates) within the radius of the spell, with a casting time of 3.5 seconds. Great spell to use in the dungeon when your partymates begin to take damage simultaneously. ^^

Endless Sea
- This skill is a combination of Enlightenment and Prayer of Clam with a 2.5 seconds casting time. At lvl10, it instantly heals a target for a base heal around 1230 plus 50% heal base on the casters MAtk, it also gives an additional HoT around 1230 for 15 seconds. Useful on tanks when their Hp drops below 50%. ^^

Infinite Aura
- The most sought after skill that a Yu Ling has. Casting time is 5 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. All allies within the 15 meter radius restores health equal to 20% of the casters MAtk, plus 300 hp, every 5 seconds. All damage received is also reduced by 50%. Skill lasts until mana is exhausted or manually canceled by pressing cancel or ESC. Skill consumes 500 mana every 5 seconds. Casting requires 2 chi. This skill is mostly used when facing the boss inside a dungeon. ^^

Q: Why Enlightenment instead of Prayer of Clarity?
A: Time is of the essence, especially in supporting. Though Prayer of Clarity heals more than Enlightenment (roughly double the enlightenments heal), its casting time of 3 seconds gives it a major draw back because it might be too late for you to heal your tank in the middle of combat. Enlightenment, with its 1.5 seconds casting time, lets you spam heal on time. ^^
i.e. A player, who has only 200 Hp left, facing a mob which is about to land a blow that would kill that player. Casting Enlightment has a greater chance of healing that player before that blow lands on him.

Buff Skills

Single target buffs:

Ward of Iron
- Increases targets PDef for 30 mins. PDef increases by 60% on lvl10.

Ward of Spirits
- Increases targets MDef for 30 mins. MDef increases ny 60% on lvl10.

Immortal Counsel
- Increases targets Hp and Mp regeneration rate for 30 mins. Hp and Mp regenerates for 10 points per second at lvl10.

- Increases targets MAtk for 30 mins. MAtk increases by 70% on lvl10.

Group buffs:

Ward of Salvation
- Increases PDef of all partymates within the 15 meter casting radius by 60% for 1 hour.

- Increases MDef of all partymates within the 15 meter casting radius by 60% for 1 hour.

Wisdom of Heavens
- Increases Hp and Mp regeneration of all partymates within the 15 meter casting radius by 10 points per second for 1 hour.

Blessed Symbol
- Increases MAtk of all partymates within the 15 meter casting radius by 70% for 1 hour.

Q: Why use group buffs if they have the same effect as the targeted ones?
A: Because group buffs last for 1 hour and you only have to cast it once to buffs all your party members (provided that they are within the 15 meter casting radius) saving you precious Mp (it would be a lot difficult if you cast buffs on one by one on each party member)

Offensive Skills

Feather Arrows
- Offensive skill that also deals physical damage to the enemy. Useful against mobs with enhanced MDef.

- Offensive skill that deals magical and metal damage and has a chance to slow the enemy by 40%. Chance to slow and slow duration increases per lvl (At lvl10, chance to slow is 92% for 8 seconds duration).

Barrier of Feathers
- Absorbs physical damage (per hit basis) at the cost of Mp for 20 seconds. At lvl10, 80% of the damage can be absorbed at the cost of 1.1 Mp. This skill will save you multiple times. ^^
*Though Barrier of Feathers is not really an offensive skill, it can be acquired under the Feather Arrows skill tree. ^^

Q: Why can't we get the higher skills after Feather Arrow and Tornado?
A: You're going to be a Full Support Yu Ling and you must focus your souls and yuans on leveling your support and buff skills.

Q: Can we disregard tornado, and only use Feather Arrows while leveling?
A: Yes you may, but it is advisable to take both since you can benefit on the slow effect of tornado, then use Feather Arrow while Tornado is in cooldown. ^^

Q: Can I use Barrier of Feathers against mobs dealing magical damage?
A: Yes you may, but it won't have any effect as Barrier of Feathers only absorbs physical damage. ^^

Equipment Build:


As a Full Support, you'll be wearing magical armors. Stones fused into these armors vary from Crimson soul stone, Amber soul stone, etc (with the exception of Keen Soul Stone)

Crimson soul stone
- provides additional Def when fused to an armor. This is for those who want to have additional defense against mobs dealing physical damage. You'll be having extra defense when you use Ward of Iron. Main disadvantage though is that Def is ignored when you're dealt with a critical damage, so Crimson stone is not advisable when your always in pvp or TW as Yu Mangs tend to deal criticals more often. ^^

Mist soul stone and Ivy soul stones
- Mist soul stones provides additional MDef when fused to an armor, while Ivy soul stones gives additional Mp. Why do some people choose Mist or Ivy soul stone? The answer is the same reason why most Yao Shous use Amber soul stones on their equips. Being magical in nature, Yu Lings (like Fa Shihs) have high MDef and they can benefit greatly from the additional MDef from Mist stones (plus the Ward of Spirits buff). They also have high Mp pool which gets additional Mp per Ivy stone used. Yu Lings can also gain benefits on these stones like how Yao Shous benefit greatly on Amber stones. ^^

Amber soul stones
- Provides additional Hp when fused to an armor. These stones are considered universal because every class benefit greatly from it. It is the most advisable stone to use when going on Full Support, as every point in Hp counts, especially during situations where supporting gets really tough.

Q: Why not use Keen Soul Stones?
A: You won't experience any effect from Keen Soul Stones because your a Full Support. Evasion will be very slim because of the fact that you won't be putting any point on dex. ^^


As a Full Support, you have to have consistency when it comes to your heal spells. Seriously, it's awkward to see your heal spells bouncing off up and down. ^^

If you want to go for consistency, then use wands or mystic swords, because the range between their minimum and maximum MAtk is small. ^^

But if you want to gamble for suddenly high heals, go for flags or wheels, as they offer the highest maximum MAtk value, but the range between their minimum and maximum MAtk is too big (thus, resulting in inconsistent heals ^^).

It is advisable to fuse weapons with Mist soul stones for additional MAtk. ^^

Well, that's it for now. ^^
If you have questions or comments, please feel free to bring them up. ^^

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